Small Lips: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Process

Lips are your most attractive body part after your eyes. Your lips also tell the character of your persona. 

Based on the science of face-reading, the appearance of every part of our body can provide an impression of our personality. 

It is a part of us for a reason, and when combined, they define who we are. But what is the consequence of our lips if they are small and  not fitting our facial features? 

In this blog, we will talk about lip fillers for small lips and what you need to be aware of before choosing to undergo them.

Reason for Small Lips?

Although some people might have naturally thin lips, it could also result from aging, sun exposure, or smoking. 

As you age, the collagen that lines your lips break down, and muscles become tired, making your lips look and feel less. This could also lead to wrinkles on your lips.


The lip area (perioral space) is the second most likely location to show signs of aging, following the eyes (peri-ocular) area.

Getting older makes your skin lose collagen. Muscles that move under the ever-looser skin may form fine lines with more severe wrinkles. Also, we lose hyaluronic acid, which holds water in the tissues and skin on the lips. 

The aging process around the lips may cause perioral lines, which can be evident if you’re a smoker and suffer from cumulative sun exposure. 

Another major change in aging is the downward motion of the muscles, midface, and fat and skin which may lead to the development of deeper folds, marionette lines (vertical lines that run from the corners of the mouth that extend towards the jaw), and sagging at areas around the lips. 

That makes lips that are already thin appear slimmer.

What Are Lip Fillers?

Lip fillers are composed of hyaluronic acid, an ingredient normally found within our bodies. The molecule can attract water and bind effectively, up to 1000x its mass.

Injectable lip fillers are a safe, low-risk solution to boost the volume of the lips. The procedure is just 20 mins, and the effects, although not permanent, last between 6-8-12 months. Simple, painless, and highly effective!

What Can Lip Fillers Do For You?

It’s all about increasing volume, enhancing contour, and diminishing wrinkles in the area of the lips. 

In fact, by using fillers, you will be able to have the appearance of a fresher face and provide nourishment to lips that require a little more water.

They are also ideal when you have to deal with lips that aren’t quite right or have lips that are thin (due to genetics) that might not be in harmony with your face. 

A few streaks here and there could bring your look in place!

What Is The Best Place To Seek Treatment, And How To Get It Done?

After weeks of study and discussions, it’s time to select a procedure for your lip augmentation.

The most important thing is to ensure you’re at ease with your doctor and confident in their skills. That makes the whole procedure more relaxing.

If you’ve located your physician, They will begin the procedure by wiping off your lips and the areas around them. 

This ensures you don’t have anything on your face that could cause an infection. Don’t wear makeup to your appointment; however, you should inform the doctor that you’ve put in any present when you arrive.

Numbing cream is then applied to ease the discomfort. Numbing creams are believed to enhance the appearance of swelling, but it’s beneficial unless you suffer from a high tolerance to pain. Before making a decision you must check lip filler before and after small lips pictures on google. So you can decide better.


When the process is complete, the therapist will begin injecting tiny quantities of filler in both your lips, both on the top and bottom, focusing on the areas you’ve asked for. 

Perhaps you’re seeking an enlarger bottom lip or an improved cupid’s bow. Be sure to be clear about the results you’d like to achieve so you can be satisfied.

A hyaluronic acid solution is used as the filler. Nevertheless, you should talk to your doctor about the type of filler you should use to volumize your petite lips.

The injections to your lips aren’t painful at all. It’s like feeling an icy pinch when the needle pokes at your skin. 

You’ll feel it’s strange when the filler is inserted into your lips. 

It’s more painful than uncomfortable. The procedure is quick and only lasts about half an hour.

Following an operation, your doctor will talk with you about aftercare. It should include the following:

  • Don’t wear makeup or kiss your lips for the first 12-24 hours.
  • The position of your head when you sleep may sound strange; however, it can help reduce swelling.
  • Drinking no alcohol during the 24 hours immediately following the procedure.
  • Only engage in strenuous activities for part of the day.

The aftercare process is easy and expected, and you should be able to agree with this. Overall, the process will be easy and quick.

Last Words on Small Lips with Fillers

The injections for small lips can help improve the proportions, but they won’t make your nose appear less bulbous or obvious. 

The most effective way to determine and provide accurate guidance is to take an examination in person. 

See an experienced plastic surgeon who is board certified and is specialized in restorative and aesthetic plastic surgery.

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