Shen Men Piercing Benefits for Your Health

The effects of migraines and anxiety are life-threatening issues. At one point, you’re okay, and the next, often with no warning or anxiety, snarl your attention. The world is moving. You can’t function. It’s unclear how long it will last, but it has disrupted your life.

It’s okay to feel this way; you’re not alone. One in five people suffers from anxiety, and around one out of 10 suffers from migraines.

What exactly is a Shen Men piercing, and how can it aid in migraines, anxiety, or other migraines? Similarly, we’ll go into the specifics of Shen Men’s piercings., you’ll understand whether it is right for you.

What is Shen Men Piercing?

At the top of the ear, a Shen Men piercing is inserted close to the cartilage. Acupuncturists have believed that stimulation at this point eases anxiety, improves immunity, reduces migraines, and helps to center the body.

The Shen Men piercing is the electrically active one. The Master Pressure Point is also known as the Divine Gate.’ Based on this alternate type of medicine, there’s one specific area on the ear of the human that opens the way to health through stimulation of this Pressure Point.

How Shen Men Piercing is Said to be Beneficial?

It is believed that Shen men’s piercings can ease migraine pain and reduce anxiety symptoms by stimulating ear pressure points. 

Also acupressure experts and holistic health specialists believe that the pressure of the Shen-men piercing area causes permanent vagus nerve stimulation.

From the cartilage in your ear to your colon, the vagus nerve runs the length of your body.

Headaches and Migraines

There isn’t any research on the effect of Shen-men piercings on migraine headaches.

There’s evidence from anecdotes that it lessens the intensity of headaches, like the Shen-men and its close relative Daith perforation.

There are some more studies about daith piercings and migraine. Also a 2017 study published by a Trusted source within Frontiers in Neurology suggests that stimulating the vagus nerve may influence those pain channels that cause tension and migraine.

The study warns that it is necessary to conduct further research to determine this claim’s validity. No controlled clinical trials have been conducted on the daith or Shen men for piercings in connection with migraine.

Shen Men Piercing for Anxiety?

Anxiety is a type of disturbance in homeostasis. Acupuncture has been used for a long time; however, research on the effectiveness of Acupuncture in treating various ailments is only new. “Point zero” is a phrase acupuncturist use to assert that it helps the body maintain the stability of its internal environment.

Also, the lack of well-controlled research into this topic makes it hard to determine if it is a placebo effect or an untrue claim by those who advocate Shen men piercings for anxiety or new treatments.

There’s also less evidence to show that the Shen men impact anxiety-related symptoms. Some believe that the piercing procedure is not necessary. There must be absolute precision when identifying the acupuncture point. Even a slight shift can make the piercer unable to find the area.

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