Have You Ever Seen a Snake Eye Piercing? Benefits, Procedure, Treatment

It begins horizontally and curves downwards towards the tip of your tongue, unlike other piercings, known as snake eye piercings.  While some people find this look appealing, others find it challenging to speak or eat properly with the piercing.

In this blog post we will take a closer look at the snake eye piercing, how it’s done, and what to expect after getting one. If you’re interested in getting one, here’s what you need to know.

What Exactly Is Snake Eye Piercing?

Snake eye piercing is done at the tip of the tongue as you poke your tongue out, the jewelry portion of the piercing looks like snake eyes. Your tongue may look like a snake’s tongue.

The jewelry used is designed to appear like barbells [Barbell: Composed of a straight bar with a bead on each end, one or both beads unscrew able for removal and/or changing of the beads]. It has a long handle and two little blobs on each side and is suitable for snake eye piercing. 

People who only wish to have two piercings and don’t want to experience the pain of having to get pierced twice, it is an excellent choice.

Several problems can arise from snake eye piercings, as the tongue is frequently used with various materials. It is essential to take extra care for safety reasons.

Jewelry Type for Snake Eye Piercing

The following are 3 options for snakebite piercing jewelry:

  • Gold
  • Surgical steel
  • Titanium

Where Can I Purchase Snake Eye Piercing Jewelry?

There are plenty of choices today for any fashion accessories you’d like to purchase.

You may get the same things from your doctor that you can get from any eCommerce site or site, including some that are inventive and visually attractive. It’s an excellent option since you may adjust the barbell’s weight to your liking before piercing.

You may also acquire it from your piercing studio or a nearby retailer. However, if you’re sure about your choice of shopping online, you may buy online.

Benefits And Negatives of a Snake Eye Piercing

Comparing a piercing with a snakebite to similar piercings on the lips or faces is a test of the individual’s personal preferences.


The piercing of the snakebite is

  • An eye-catching and stylish look
  •  sex appeal for everyone, regardless of gender
  • A look that highlights how symmetrical your appearance is and draws attention to your lips
  • Simple and relatively inexpensive to get.
  • Simple to maintain  


  • It’s a look that’s tough to hide for formal events and job interviews
  • Two piercings can mean twice the amount of time and the pain
  • Dental piercings can open your mouth to risk dental and gum issues

What Is the Snake Eye Piercing Procedure?

Your piercer will examine your tongue to ensure it is healthy enough to be pierced. Then, you’ll pick the jewelry and fill out a few forms with a consent document.

The following steps might differ slightly based on the piercer. Many oral piercings have the same actions:

  • The dentist will provide you with an antiseptic mouthwash that you can rinse to lessen the number of bacteria in your mouth.
  • The piercer marks each barbell’s entry and exit points using an appropriate body-safe marker.
  • Holding the tongue straight with forceps allows the needle to move.
  • A sterilized, hollow needle is placed on the lower part of the tongue over the initial marking. Barbells are then pulled across, and it is then screwed onto.
  • In the end, the piercer will do the same on the other part of your tongue. Then, use an antiseptic mouthwash to clean your mouth; the piercer will clean up any blood.

What Can I Eat with Snake Eyes Piercing?

The person who pierced you would likely recommend you take a few soft foods during the first couple of weeks following the time you had the snake’s eyes pierced.

Your tongue has an opening that could trap food particles, making them difficult or impossible to eliminate because of the new opening.

Also, avoiding hot foods and alcohol that could cause irritation and cause harm to the piercing area is beneficial. 

Regarding the diet and hygiene guidelines for this kind of piercing, it’s better to be safe rather than risk being unprepared.

Snakes Eye Treatment Aftercare and Potential Risks


The healing process for the piercing of the eyes of snakes isn’t the longest of all mouth piercings, but you’ll need to wait for two months or more until the wound is completely healed. 

If, on the other hand, you do not adequately care for the piercing, the healing process might take much longer.


When your piercer instructs you to take care of your tongue piercings, ensure that you do these things:

  1. Rinse your mouth following meals and drinks using an alcohol-free salicylate solution to prevent infections and irritation.
  2. Adjust your diet, cutting the intake of acidic, hot, and spicy foods throughout your healing phase.
  3. The jewelry should be changed to smaller dimensions so that your tongue is no longer constricted. But be sure to leave this job to your surgeon.

Tips for Taking Care of Piercing

  • Eat only soft food.
  • To lessen swelling, try to keep your head elevated when speaking.
  • Do not drink alcohol, and ensure that the mouthwash you apply is alcohol-free.
  • Gargle with salt water at least three to six times daily.
  • Make sure to wash the mouth following eating to ensure that food particles don’t get caught in the puncturing.
  • Beware of eating spicy food, and don’t smoke.

 What Are the Risks of This Piercing?

Swelling, pain and bleeding are common when piercing your tongue. However, the symptoms will gradually diminish over the next week.

However, tongue piercings can pose risks beyond the normal risks associated with piercings.

A few potential risks are given below:

  • Infection: Infections can be caused by the procedure or inadequate post-treatment, especially if bacteria can get into wounds.
  • Bloodborne diseases: It’s possible to contract bloodborne infections like HIV, Tetanus, and hepatitis B and C after consuming needles that have been contaminated.
  • Allergy reaction: The jewelry material can trigger the occurrence of an allergic response in those who have sensitive skin, in particular, in the case of nickel.
  • Swelling on the tongue and airway obstruction: Some swelling is normal; however, when your tongue is swelling excessively, it can restrict your airway.
  • Bleeding: During piercing, it can damage blood vessels, resulting in severe bleeding.
  • The production of saliva is increased: Tongue piercings can occasionally cause an increase in saliva production and result in drooling.

How Much Will This Piercing Cost You?

The cost of getting a snakebite piercing will depend on the piercer you choose. However, you should expect to pay between $80 to $120 for two piercings and the jewelry that goes with the piercings.

Is Snake Venom Piercing Popular Trends By 2022?

It is no secret that fashion is becoming bolder and people’s choices are changing. And 2022 is the year to do something completely different. 

In 2022, outrageous fashion will reign supreme, whether it’s colors, fabrics, or lengths. That is why snake-eye piercing is the hot trend this year.


Snake eye piercing has dangers and discomforts, like any other body art.  However, if you spend the time to select a reputable artist and do your part to keep your area clean, the piercing is a secure and visually stunning appearance.

Employers are updating their outdated policies on tattoos in the workplace. It’s more accepted than ever before to express yourself freely. 

It might be the right choice for you if you’re looking to do something different to express your individuality.

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