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Guidelines for Content Contributors

  • Your content must be original and not published elsewhere or else. You agree that we can use it as a source, republish, edit, and revise it, and even make it available in any shape we’d like.
  • All submitted articles must be submitted in Microsoft Word Files, and the minimum acceptable length should be 750 words (although most blog posts are anywhere from 1000 to three thousand words.) However, we’re willing to accept shorter or longer posts. For example, recipes or workout blog posts can be any length.
  • Content that requires images should be provided with horizontal photos instead of vertical ones. Using the best quality is better, and the more significant, the more appealing.
  • If you have content that requires video to be shot horizontally, at minimum 720p. It shouldn’t contain any advertising or promotion of any kind.
  • Content that includes quotations, references to an article or study, and attribution in the form of a hyperlink.
  • Please include a two- or three-sentence bio that describes your qualifications, an image of 300×300 pixels, perhaps with a white, and hyperlinks to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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